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  When you hear words like self-development and self-education, doubt may cloud your mind. Not because these words are necessarily scary words, but because their meaning is so vast that it can be quite hard to pinpoint what someone means when they speak of self-development and self-education.


  1. What is Self-Development?
  2. What is Self-Education?
  3. Why is Self-Education important?
  4. How do you become self-educated?






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What is Self-Development?

  Developing oneself is a lifelong process. From birth, through your school years and forward we are in a constant state of developing our selves.


  The subconscious growth isn’t always positive, however. People can develop in bad ways, people can pick up bad habits and attitudes. But when we practice self-development consciously, many of us are doing so in an attempt to add positive traits, habits, and talents to our repertoire. We do so to become better people. An example of this would be trying to drop old habits, and gain new positive habits that’ll help you grow instead of hold you back.


  Self-development can mean studying harder for your next test so that you get better grades, self-development can even mean teaching yourself new skills. Teach yourself how to run a business, or finally learn how to open and manage that shop you’ve always dreamed of running.


  Self-development can mean a lot of different things and is often unique to the individual and what they want to achieve in their life.





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What is Self-Education?

  Self-development and self-education often go hand in hand. When you educate yourself on a topic, you are at the same time developing yourself to be better equipped at whatever it is you hope to achieve. Not only are you acquiring whatever skill you desire to learn but you are teaching yourself the skill of self-education itself.


  For many of us, education has always been something we acquired through the teachings of someone else more knowledgeable on the subject, a teacher, a professor, or even a colleague. While it is similar in self-education, there is more responsibility placed on one’s self in this process. There is no professor to steer you in a certain direction, but that is part of the beauty of self-education.


  The direction you go in and where you end up is entirely up to you. You essentially become the teacher and the student and you develop greater skills in becoming both.




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Why is Self-Education important?

  A person who decides to go down the path of self-learning is someone who has or is in the process of developing a motivated and successful attitude.


  Deciding to pursue self-education is the biggest and most important step in your journey. What follows thereafter is a result of developing and pushing yourself into something that may have at first seemed troubling or difficult. 



How do you become self-educated?

  Self-education starts with a desire, a desire to develop a certain skillset. This can be the desire to learn how to run a business so that you can start your own. Your desire can be to learn a new language, or learn how to code.


  Whatever your desire is, the next step starts with an action plan. You know what you want, the next step is to go out there and get it.






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