Where to get money?

In your opinion, how much can it cost:



1 - Financial independence?

2 - Confidence in the future?

3 - Serious and reliable business?

4 - New smartphone?

5 - Fitness bracelet?

You say: Everything has its price.

Such an answer is the place to be. But there is another answer!

Financial independence, Confidence in the future, Serious and reliable business, New smartphone, Fitness bracelet and many more, can be purchased for $ 36.25 per month !!!

Only $ 36.25 gives you tremendous opportunities and prospects! 



What is the most important thing in our life?

What do we value most in the Light?

Safety and Stability!

  • Safety for our children, for parents, for grandparents, for ourselves.
  • Stable wages, stable work, stable medical care, stable education.

Money is a tool for creating Security and Stability in our lives! Thanks to money, many issues can be solved.


Where to get money?

 You must create your own, permanent and unlimited source of additional income! 





My name is Elena Garas. I live in Russia. I am 35 years old and 6 years old I have been doing business on the Internet.

The Russians have a saying: "If you have little money, you need to open your own business! If you don’t have money at all, then you need to open your own business immediately !!!"

  Not every person is ready to change his life and become an entrepreneur. Opening your own business is an expensive and difficult job. There are risks and the risks are huge!

  But there is a great opportunity for everyone and any inhabitant of the planet Earth to become financially independent! Get as much money as he wants! Do not invest thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars in initial investment! Do not bear the risks and losses associated with financial crises!

  Only $ 36.25 per month allows you to access and immediately start earning the first money, build your own business model, learn financial literacy, increase your knowledge and experience base, monetize your own knowledge and skills. No betrayal and restrictions. This is all I know from personal experience.


  • More than 20 years of excellent work in the global e-commerce market!
  • More than 10 million users worldwide!
  • Breakthrough and original opportunities for individuals and legal entities!
  • Combining online and offline entrepreneurs!


You can endlessly list all the advantages of the most advanced and unique, in its own way,

e-commerce platform - SFI (USA).


No analogues to this project! You will not find!

  Just go through the free registration and look at the basic ways of earning. You will be shocked and you do not have enough strength to fully explore the site, on the first day. The more you go into each direction, the more interesting it will be.



  Since my registration, May 2017, I do not have time to fully explore all the new features. The sfi team is very active and works ahead of the competitors. New ways are being introduced for earning, for advertising, for increasing sales, for training ...

  I build my own business strategy and conduct daily work in the directions I need. The results make me happy and impressive! My efforts pay off, bring material and spiritual satisfaction. This is a great feeling of comfort!

  My activity on sfi does not prevent me from being engaged in other sites, as well as in real life. When there is a result, it is easy and interesting to work, there is no fatigue))) Try it and see for yourself personally!

No need to think that everything will be easy! Where did you get easy money ?! No such places!


  To achieve your goals, you need to work. Be consistent, patient and persistent. The result will be, it always comes in the process of quality work. But the main thing is that you work for yourself, not for the company or for the owner of the store, but for yourself! You create your own personal source of income, your business! And you need to pay only $ 36.25 per month!

I will tell you a secret!))) You can not pay at all and achieve everything without a single cent of your own investments! There are several ways to do this and they are available to every sfi member.

  Remember where you were a year ago? What did you do two years ago? Think how fast time flies! And if you, all this time worked on sfi? You would already get results from your work and continue to develop your own business. You can wait and plan all your life, but who will start today and now, in a year, he will be a year ahead of those who still doubt and continue to make plans. Need to start here and now! Immediately!


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